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LASIK Eye Surgery Consultations and Post-Operative Care at Wichita Optometry

Lasik ImageAt Wichita Optometry, our eye care solutions aren't limited to contact lenses and eyeglasses. We also help patients harness life-changing technology to improve their vision for good. If you currently depend on corrective eye wear to see clearly, LASIK eye surgery could be the right solution for you. We do not perform this procedure at our optometry center, but we do offer the following eye care services for patients interested in LASIK.

Pre-Op LASIK Consultations

Get started with a pre-op consultation to find out if you're a good candidate for LASIK. We will discuss your lifestyle, evaluate your eyes and vision, and review your medical history to identify any of the following risk factors:

  • Existing Conditions – from diabetes and allergies to chronic eye conditions, many existing medical conditions may affect your results
  • Severe Refractive Error – if your vision is too poor, LASIK may not be effective
  • Large Pupils – extra surface area increases your risk of side effects
  • Scarred, Thin or Irregularly Shaped Corneas – LASIK isn't safe unless your corneas are thick enough and in good condition, because it involves the removal of part of your cornea

LASIK Referrals

At Wichita Optometry we will refer you to a qualified local specialist with years of surgical experience. If you meet the criteria for LASIK surgery and want to get the procedure, your optometrist will refer you to our LASIK partner for the next few steps:

  • LASIK consultation – You'll attend another consultation with the eye doctor at your surgery center
  • Diagnostic Screenings – If necessary, your surgical team will perform any necessary screenings to fully assess your vision and ocular health beforehand
  • LASIK surgery – The surgery itself is an outpatient procedure that uses laser light to shave part of each cornea and allow it to assume its natural shape
  • Post-Op Eye Care – Immediately after surgery, you may get eye drops and follow-up recommendations

Post-Op LASIK Care

After your surgery is complete and you have had a follow-up appointment with the surgeon you are ready to begin your post-op eye care regimen at Wichita Optometry. We will customize a schedule for the next six to 12 months to keep track of your progress. In the weeks and months after LASIK, it's important to take your doctor's recommendations seriously to avoid any complications. We want your life and vision to truly change, so we work hard to help all our patients maximize the results of their LASIK eye surgery.

Visit our Wichita Optometrist Today

With two locations in the Wichita area, we make it more convenient to combat vision problems with life-changing surgical technology. Just pick up the phone to start your own transformation today. Call (316) 942-7496 to reach our Douglas optometry office, or call (316) 838-7797 to schedule your LASIK exam in Amidon, KS.