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Back To School Glasses

With kids returning to classes, make sure that your child can see their best. Schedule an eye exam to see if your child needs glasses or to find out if they need a change in their prescription lenses. You can find qualified pediatric eye care services from Wichita Optometry, P.A. in Wichita, KS.


How Often Do Kids Need a Checkup for Glasses?

The frequency of your child's eye exams depends on whether they wear glasses and their age. At the least, your child should have a vision checkup before six months, at age three, and just before entering school. After that, exams should happen at least every two years. But, if your child wears glasses, the optometrist may recommend annual exams to ensure the prescription meets the needs of their growing eyes.

Therefore, if your child wears glasses or needs to, plan to have annual eye exams. The easiest way to remember those appointments is to schedule them just before your child goes back to school. This timing ensures that your child starts the year with great vision.

Do Regular Pediatric Eye Exams Help with School Performance?

Regular pediatric eye exams can help your child to perform well in school. A child who has trouble seeing may avoid doing homework or take longer to complete assignments. When teachers instruct from a board at the front of the room, kids who need glasses or stronger prescriptions may have trouble seeing what the teacher is showing on the board. This can cause confusion in lessons and possible academic problems.

If you have a child who acts out in school or has academic problems and their doctor has not found another cause, they may need glasses to help them to see clearly in classes. An eye exam from an optometrist trained in working with kids can help to determine if vision problems are the cause of your child's trouble in school.

What Kind of Eye Doctor Helps with Back to School Glasses?

There are many types of professionals you will meet at an eye clinic. Ophthalmologists have medical degrees and can perform surgery or treat serious eye conditions.

The eye doctor who will likely perform your child's eye exam is an optometrist. These vision specialists can prescribe lenses to correct vision problems and diagnose eye conditions.

Lastly, if your child needs glasses, you may meet the optician. These professionals are not eye doctors but experts in pairing prescription lenses with frames that fit your child's face and personality.

Schedule a Visit for Your Child's Back to School Eye Exam and Glasses

Back to school is the best time to get your child ready for classes with an eye exam. A fresh pair of glasses with the most up-to-date prescription will help them to see the board, computer, books, and notes that they need to read to keep up in school. Contact us at Wichita Optometry, P.A. in Wichita, KS, for an appointment or to find out more about our other eye care services. You can reach us by phone at (316) 942-7496 or schedule an appointment online.