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Sports Vision FAQs

Most people think of an optometrist as the person who prescribes glasses when your vision starts to go. While that is sometimes the case, there is a lot more to the field. Optometrists can help athletes improve their ability to see during competitions, and this help involves a lot more than prescription glasses. Sports vision is a term that applies to doctors helping people reach peak performance, and it is something covered by Wichita Optometry, P.A. in Wichita, KS.


What Is Sports Vision?

This is an umbrella term that can apply to two concepts. The first is the idea of visual acuity as it applies to athletic endeavors. If you are going to hit a baseball, you need certain sports vision abilities to accomplish the task.

The second reference is to eye care and how it interacts with sports applications. This can include sports medicine treatments to vision problems, specialty tools to improve performance, vision training and several other applications under the umbrella.

How Do Optometrists Help With Sports Vision?

In general, optometrists can do three things to help you with sports vision. The first is identifying problems and treating them before they can progress. This is like how an optometrist will help any patient, with the added sensitivity to the needs of the athlete.

The second form of help comes in teaching patients a proactive approach to maximizing eye health and visual prowess. This ranges from explaining dry eyes to teaching exercise routines that help train vision.

The third form of help comes as specialized care that is catered to the needs of an athlete. This can be specialized glasses or lenses, aggressive treatments that aim to maintain high levels of visual acuity and any other way an optometrist might alter treatments and care for the sake of sports vision.

What Is Sports Vision Training?

This is one of the special ways an optometrist will help an athlete with their vision. There are several forms of training that can improve visual prowess. One of those forms is exercise. The eyes are controlled by muscles and exercising those muscles can aid sports vision.

Another form of training is digital simulator training. It can improve visual response times.

Overall, sports training can improve visual metrics and help people see better without corrective procedures.

Are There Special Sports Vision Glasses or Contacts?

Yes. Typically, specialty lenses will be prescribed for the specific nature of the sport in question. A good example is downhill skiing. The color of tint on the goggles can dramatically improve vision. The right tint for skiing in shadows is different from the tint for seeing in fog.

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