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Flashes of Light

If you are experiencing flashes of light in your eyesight that are like shooting stars or lightening, you may be concerned. These flashes of light may not be anything serious but it is important to be proactive and see a doctor. Wichita Optometry specializes in ophthalmology and we want to be your choice for eye care in Wichita and the surrounding areas.


What Causes Flashes?

You have a gel in your eyes called vitreous. This gel is attached to the eye. As you age, the vitreous gel becomes smaller or changes. This can cause a pulling on the retina and create flashes. These flashes are similar to what you may experience when rubbing your eyes. In most instances, there is no reason to believe there is a problem with your eyes.


Floaters are another strange occurrence that may seem scary. These are usually short black lines or shapes that go away and may return but then disappear again. Floaters are also symptoms of a change in the vitreous gel. Floaters may move around and are generally harmless. However, as in the case of flashes or any other eye abnormalities, you should get your eyes checked and discuss the floaters with an eye care professional.

Migraine Aura

A migraine aura is not necessarily a headache. It usually appears as lines or patches of light. These can last up to twenty minutes. Again, they are not dangerous but you should discuss these auras with your eye doctor.

When Are Flashes and Floaters Dangerous?

There are some warning signs of more serious conditions such as a detached or torn retina. A condition such as this can cause blindness or vision impairment. It is vital to your eye health to have the following conditions checked out by an eye care specialist immediately.

  • Sudden flashes of light
  • An increase in flash and floater appearances
  • Flashes accompanied by dark spots or shadows
  • You experience a dark curtain or tunnel vision
  • Your eye has been injured and you are having flashes
  • What appears to be cobwebs in front of your eyes
  • If you see light rays when looking at streetlights or headlights, this could be caused by cataracts.

Ophthalmology Can Treat These Eye Disorders

If you are experiencing flashes, floaters, dark spots, shadows or any other ocular related anomalies, give Wichita Optometry a call today at (316) 942-7496. Making sure you have the optimum vision and eye health is our goal.