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Sunglasses help you see some of the most fun moments of your life.

For many of us, some of the happiest memories of our lives take place outdoors in the bright sun. Maybe it’s seeing your children playing at a ball game, a picnic, or a day on the water. Or maybe it’s a drive through the wonders of nature. The right sunglasses can help you enjoy these peak moments of your life even more. Our optometrist at Wichita Optometry in Wichita, KS, can help you make the right choice in sunglasses.


Your optometrist can help you find sunglasses that protect your eye health.

Did you know that sunglasses without UV protection are hazardous to the long-term health of your eyes? When you wear off-the-shelf sunglasses without UV protection, the shades cause your eyes to dilate. Your dilated pupils let more potentially damaging UV light into your eyes than if you weren’t wearing sunglasses at all. UV damage can lead to cataracts and retinopathy later in life. Your optometrist will make sure that your sunglasses offer you UV protection.

Your optometrist has sunglasses that give you comfortable vision indoors and out.

There is one big problem with sunglasses. You have to take them off when you go indoors. That is, unless your glasses have Transitions lenses. Transitions lenses can change their tint from dark to light almost instantly.

If you spend a lot of time on the road or on the water, you may want to consider polarized lenses. Polarized lenses block glare. They can give you great vision for watersports and fishing and any kind of game played in bright sun. They can also help your drive more safely.

Your optometrist has a better selection of sunglasses than you will find anywhere else.

No retailer has a greater selection of frames and lenses that can make you look good and feel good than your optometrist. Your optometrist will have all of the latest styles at extremely reasonable prices. Let’s not forget, it is your optometrist who can prescribe sunglasses with corrective lenses.

Where is the best “eye doctor near me” for prescription sunglasses?

The eye doctors at Wichita Optometry are here for all of your vision care needs. We can help you feel confident in how you look and feel knowing you have the best possible vision. Contact us online to request an appointment or call us at (316) 942-7496. We see patients at three convenient locations in Wichita:

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2635 W Douglas Ave, Wichita, KS 67213