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Hard To Fit Contacts FAQs

Contacts can give you a break from wearing prescription glasses to correct your vision. Some people, however, have difficulty wearing standard soft contact lenses due to conditions with their eyes. If you fall into this category, hard to fit contacts could resolve your problem. The following hard to fit FAQs from Wichita Optometry provide greater insight into hard to fit contacts and the benefits they have to offer.

Hard To Fit Contacts FAQ

Q: Can anyone wear contact lenses?

A: While contact lenses aren't a great fit for everyone, our optometrist believes that the vast majority of people can safely wear contact lenses, even if they have a condition that makes their eyes need hard to fit contacts. If you've been told that you aren't a good fit for contact lenses, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with us for a second opinion. 

Q: I have presbyopia. Can I wear contacts?

A: People who have presbyopia generally need two different levels of focus in their lenses, one for seeing objects at a distance, and one for seeing objects up close. Bifocal contact lenses exist, and are perfect for people with presbyopia. 

Q: How do contacts work for people with astigmatism?

A: Contact lenses can be a challenge for people with astigmatism, as their eyes are not shaped in a way that is congruent with the shape of most contact lenses. If you have astigmatism, you may need contacts that are specially shaped to fit your eye. While these may be slightly more expensive than regular contact lenses, since they're custom made just for you, they are available, and most people with astigmatism find them to be quite comfortable. 

Q: I have dry eyes, and when I've tried contact lenses in the past, they kept falling out. Do I need special contacts?

A: When you meet with our optometrist, you'll discuss your previous attempts at wearing contact lenses. A different brand may be a better fit, or you may need prescription eye drops in order to keep your eyes moist enough to keep your contact lenses in place. Most people with dry eyes can successfully wear contact lenses.

Q: I've been diagnosed with giant papillary conjunctivitis. Can I wear contacts?

A: You’ll most likely need gas permeable contacts instead of the standard soft contacts that most contact lens users wear. Gas permeable lenses keep their shape, allowing them to stay rigid enough to keep your vision sharp. If you've been diagnosed with keratoconus, gas permeable lenses will also likely be one of the best fits for your eyes alongside scleral lenses. 

Call Our Eye Doctor In Wichita

If you've been struggling to find a solution in order to wear contacts, it's time to call our eye doctor in Wichita. At Wichita Optometry, our optometrist has years of experience helping people find contact lens solutions for various eye problems. Call us to schedule your contact lens exam at (316) 942-7496. We look forward to helping you find a contact lens solution unique to your eyes.