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Contact Lenses for Dry Eye

Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes

Dry eye syndrome is a common condition with painful and annoying symptoms. It is caused when your eyes don't produce enough tears to keep your eyes moist. In some cases, the tears that your produce are poor quality and cannot properly hydrate your eye. Our staff at Wichita Optometry in Wichita, KS, wants you to know how to identify dry eye and how we can treat it in our office.

What Are the Symptoms of Dry Eye?

The symptoms of dry eye can make you feel very uncomfortable. They include:

  • A gritty, scratchy feeling in the eye
  • Feeling as though you have a foreign object in your eye
  • Watery eyes
  • Red eyes
  • Blurry vision

Dry Eye and Contact Lenses

Contact lenses can remove the moisture from your eyes. If you have dry eye syndrome and you want to start wearing contacts, it is possible. Your eye would be considered hard-to-fit for contacts, but there are lenses that you can wear without making your dry eye symptoms worse.

  • Soft daily lenses: Soft daily lenses are a good option if you have dry eye. Each morning, you would put a fresh pair of lenses in and throw them out at the end of the day. With these lenses, you won't need to worry about protein buildup since you are putting in a new pair each day. Also, daily lenses have high water content. Some of these lenses are made of 60 percent water. This will help keep your eyes moist.
  • Rigid gas permeable lenses: Rigid gas permeable lenses are made of a hard material. They don't dry out the way that soft lenses can, and they are able to hold moisture under the lens, preventing your eyes from drying out while you are wearing them. Finally, blurry vision is a common symptom with dry eye. Rigid gas permeable lenses provide sharper vision than soft lenses do.
  • Scleral lenses: Scleral lenses work differently than conventional lenses. A traditional lens would fit right over your cornea. Scleral lenses fit over the white of the eye, and it vaults over the cornea. The most common type of scleral lenses is small scleral lenses. These won't help with dry eye. The best type of scleral lens is a full scleral lens because it vaults completely over the cornea rather than just a portion of it.

Rewetting Drops

Rewetting drops are used often by contact lens wearers. They are designed to keep your eyes moist and to relieve any itching, burning, or discomfort associated with the contacts. If you have dry eye, it is essential that you use rewetting drops. They will give your eyes the extra moisture that they need to allow you to wear contact lenses comfortably.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

If you are suffering from dry eye, and you want to wear contact lenses, you should schedule an appointment with Wichita Optometry, P.A. Our optometrist can fit you with a pair of contact lenses that won't aggravate your dry eye symptoms. You can call us at (316) 942-7496 to schedule an appointment today!